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[PUBLICATION EN] – THAC announces the publication of its new scientific publication in July 2022. 

The scientific publication demonstrates the therapeutic rationale of its active substance for the treatment of T2DM patients, with data in humans. [♦ July 2022].

[NEWS FLOW] THAC has conducted a worldwide market access studies.

The « value proposition » and the « pricing potential » analysis reinforce the positioning of the future product of the Company on the market and confirms its market potentiel in response to n unmet medical need. [♦ Juin 2022].

[NEWS FLOW] – THAC reinforces its patent portfolio with new exciting data on DPN.

THAC reinforces a submitted patent related to its product in diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) with new preclinical existing results obtained by the team. Diabetic peripheal neuropathy is one of the most severe and costly complications of T2DM, leading to amputations [♦ May 2022].

[NEWS FLOW] THAC submitted a new patent which will reinforce the protection of its first product.

The new patent was submitted on the basis of new exciting preclinical results, in relation with its product under development. This patent will allow to reinforce the protection of the product within time. [♦ April 2022].

[PRESS RELEASE  FR & EN] – New patent for early T2DM treatment and gut microbiota composition

This new patent strenghtens the protection and the potential of the  « First in Class » drug candidate pf the Company. it allows to develop a further oral formulation for a second product, which acts directly on the gut microbiota of T2DM patients [♦ October 2021].

[REPORT FR & EN] – THAC contributes to elaborate the 2030 Healthcare Innovation Plan

Emmanuel Macron, French President, announced an ambitious plan prepared by the 5 Qualified  Personalities including Lyse Santoro, CEO of THAC: 7 billion euros to boost healthcare Innovation, in particular in companies such as THAC [♦ June 2021].

[PRESS RELEASE] – Launch of the CSIS 2021

Lyse Santoro, CEO of THAC, is nominated by the French Government as Qualified Personality to conduct the Strategic Council for the Healthcare Industry  in order to propose a ambitious 10-years plan for innovation in healthcare. [♦ February 2021].

[IN THE PRESS FR & EN] – Nomination

Lyse Santoro, PhD, is nominated as CEO of THAC, The Healthy Aging Company. [♦ November 2020]

[PRESS RELEASE] – Nomination of CEO

T.H.A.C announces leadership transition appointing Lyse Santoro, Chief Executive Officer and member of the board of directors. [♦ November 2020].

[PARTNERS] – THAC launches a crowdfunding campaign

THAC launches a crowdfunding campaign with the plateform Happy Capital in order to allow healthcare patients and actors to contribute to the THAC story for the benefit of T2DM patients [♦ July 2020]