THAC, The Healthy Aging Company, is a French and US-based privately-owned biopharmaceutical company which has the ambition to develop a range of first-in-class drug candidates targeting T2DM and its complications.


♦ Its pipeline could lead to potential real game changers for patient care and disease management. THAC is primarily focused on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, a condition with still unmet medical needs.

THAC envisions that by fighting insulin resistance, the root cause of T2DM, major breakthrough could be achieved for the treatment of T2DM and the prevention of severe related complications such as peripheral neuropathy (e.g. diabetic foot wounds, amputations).

THAC drug candidates have a unique and innovative mechanism of action.

THAC drug candidates are intended to delay disease progression, improve patient’s quality of life, delay premature death and prevent T2DM complications ; peripheral neuropathy is a severe complication for which there is no treatment available; e.g., diabetic foot wounds and amputations.

THAC drug candidates are expected to be game changers in the T2DM disease management  

Based on its unique and innovative mechanism of action, our ALF-5755 drug dandidate, in response to the unmet medical need claimed by healthcare autorities

♦ Decreases the oral inflammation and restores the local redox balance

♦ Restores healthy microbiota composition

♦ Increases insulin sensitivity (in different adapted mice models)

♦ Decreases basal glycemia

♦ Decreases fat mass / increases lean mass

♦ Increases activity in aged-mice

♦ Allows healthy aging

THAC invests in R&D and has a strong preclinical and clinical study program ongoing and planned. Different formulations are studied.

THAC is focused on T2DM treatment and prevention of severe complications


♦ THAC envisions that, with its drug candidates having a unique and innovative mechanism of action to restorr the composition of gut microbiota and to fight insulin resistance (the root cause of T2DM), a major breakthrough could be achieved for the treatment of T2DM patients, for the prevention of severe complications  and for a paradigm of the disease management, allowing a healthy aging. 

♦ THAC drug candidates are expected to be prescribed on top of first line T2DM treatments, by oral and sub-cutaneous administrations.

♦THAC drug candidates are intended to significantly delay disease progression,  decrease side-effects of other drugs, improve patient’s quality of life, delay premature death and prevent T2DM complications: i.e., peripheral neuropathy is a severe complication for which there is no treatment available (e.g., diabetic foot wounds and amputations).

♦ Moreover, ALF-5755 has other potential indications in age-related diseases.

♦ THAC assets are based on the discoveries by Prof. C. Bréchot et al. at INSERM in the 1990’s and further studied.

ALF-5755, a unique and innovative mechanim of action

THAC drug candidates have an unique intrinsec ROS scavenger action in the extracellular matrix of inflamed tissues,  without entering into the cells. This action induces the restoration of the insulin sensitivity and cells glucose uptake. As a result, cell death is reduced and induces a complementary anti-inflammatoryand anti-adipoisyt benefits with a drastic decrease of a specific chemokine which is known to be a driver for insulin resistance and adiposity. . 


A First-In-Class drug candidate for the treatment of T2DM and its severe complications

ALF-5755, the active ingredient of THAC drugs candidates is a recombinant human protein derived from a human endogenous C-type lectin. It is a first-in-class molecule which is already GMP produced, with a safety profile demonstrated through PK/Tox studies in animal models and a first-in-man after iv administration .

ALF-5755 is developed to modify the course of T2DM disease, to prevent a severe complication (peripheral neuropathy)  and to change the game of patients care.

ALF-5755, a high potential to treat other age-related diseases


Aging is a natural process characterized by many cellular and molecular changes including inflammation and oxidative stress.


Though physiological, these asymptomatic changes eventually lead to the development of insulin-resistance, a major risk factor for age-related diseases. Insulin resistance starts early in life, is silent and asymptomatic for many years, may lead to severe complications and can cause premature death.

AS ALF-5755 has unique anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties which tackle insulin resistance. Thanks to this mechanis of action, it has a high potential to treat other age-related diseases as well as T2DM related complications, for which inflammation, oxidation and insuin resistance are involved. This feature allows to highly differentiated THAC drug candidates compared to other drugs which lead numerous side effets and complications.

THAC promising drug candidate to prevent T2DM severe complications


T2DM severe complications are often the results of the progression of the disease, despite marketed drugs, and the continuous inflammation and oxidative process induce by aging in the body: ophtalmologic, cardiac, neurological, renal, neuropathy disorders, footulcers and amputations..


As ALF-5755 has a unique pleiotropic action of anti-inflammation, anti-oxidative and insulin sensitisation, one of the cause of the complications, it can be assumed that the drug candidate could prevent T2DM severe complications, in contrats ot other marketed drugs.

♦ In particular, THAC drug candidate, ALF-5755, has the potentiel to prevent the diabetic neuropathy which is responsible to the diabetic wound, ulcers and amputations for which there is no treatment. Ongoing studies are ongoing in his field.

Moreover, thanks to its unique pleiotropic action, ALF-5755 could decrease the side effects induced by other marketed drugs when administrated on top of the firts line drugs.