THAC, The Healthy Aging Company, is a French and US-based privately-owned biopharmaceutical company which has the ambition to develop a range of first-in-class drug candidates targeting T2DM and its complications.


♦ Its pipeline could lead to potential real game changers for patient care and disease management.THAC is primarily focused on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, a condition with still unmet medical needs.

THAC envisions that by fighting insulin resistance, the root cause of T2DM, major breakthrough could be achieved for the treatment of T2DM and the prevention of severe related complications such as peripheral neuropathy (e.g. diabetic foot wounds, amputations).

THAC drug candidates have a unique and innovative mechanism of action that targets oxidation and inflammation.  

THAC drug candidates are intended to delay disease progression, improve patient’s quality of life, delay premature death and prevent T2DM complications ; peripheral neuropathy is a severe complication for which there is no treatment available; e.g., diabetic foot wounds and amputations.



A Board of Directors with 150 years of experience in business, entrepreneurship, scientific & clinical research, and disease management

> The Company is governed by a Board of Directors, chaired by Prof. Christian Bréchot who is also Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of THAC’s US affiliate.

> The Board of Directors determines the Company’s strategy and oversees its implementation.

> The Board of directors is composed of some cofounders of the company: Pr. Christian Bréchot, Dr. Paul Amouyal, Dr. Gilles Amouyal) and an independent expert Mr. Jean-Philippe Santoni.

> Are permanently invited to the Board : Dr Lyse Santoro (CEO), Dr Laure Jamot (co-founder and COO/CSO) and Prof. Christophe Magnan (co-founder and scientific expert) 


Prof. Christian Bréchot

Co-founder & Chairman of the Board


Prof. C. Bréchot is internationally renowned as the former head of French institutes (Pasteur institute, Inserm and Mérieux Institute). He is hepatologist, professor at the university of South Florida, and Chairman of the Global Virus Network.


Dr. Gilles Amouyal

Co-founder & Vice-President



Dr. Gilles Amouyal is an expert in hepato-gastro-enterology and former head of clinics. He is CSO of a biotech company and a Board Member of several biotech companies.


Dr Paul Amouyal

Co-founder & Vice President



Dr. Paul Amouyal is an expert in hepato-gastro-enterology and former head of clinics. He is CEO of a biotech company and a board member of several biotech companies.


Mr. Jean-Philippe Santoni

Board Member



Dr. Jean-Philippe Santoni holds a doctorate in Medicine, a masters’ degree in Human Biology. He was in charge of the R&D department of Sanofi during years.  He is Senior Medical Advisor to the French Lung Foundation.